Student Support

One of the key objectives of GEORG joint activities is to promote means to educate and train specialists in geothermal energy research and utilisation. This will be achieved by increasing the opportunities for graduate students and postdoctoral students to work on challenging and interesting research projects, and through re-education and training specialists by targeted training actions, as well as possible work secondments in the research projects.

Already a number of MSc and PhD students is supprted through the GEORG supported projects and actually a large part of the support from GEORG goes directly to fund student initiatives and projects.

In addition to the porject support, GEORG supports student directly. GEORG has supported the Euorpean PhD day (EGPD) from 2010.  The EGPD was initiated by the EERA - JPGE and organised by a graduate students studying topics related to geothermal energy.  The aim of the EGPD events is to bring together young scientists working in the field of geothermal energy and offer them the opportunity to share ideas  and build up a network between them. 

GEORG has also supported BEST Reykjavik (Board of European Students of Technology) finacially to host European seminar on geothermal utilization.