Second Call for Proposals

GEORG is now open for proposals in WPs 2-8, as they are defined in the GEORG’s Work Program. Proposals shall be prepared according to the application guidelines and forms, available below.

The application forms, “Grant Submission Document “ (on .doc form) & “Budget Prep Form “ (on .xls form) shall be submitted electronically via e-mail to: no later than November 30th 2009.

Proposal & Award Policies & Procedures Guide      

Download (pdf)

Grant Submission Document (to be submitted)

Download (doc)

Budget Prep Form (to be submitted)

Download (xls)

Application Evaluation Sheet

Download (pdf)

GEORG - WP description

Download (pdf)


Application documents (all included)

Download (zip)

The fulfillment of the following conditions are mandatory:

  • The coordinator of the proposal shall be a GEORG participant.
  • The proposal, incl. all required appendixes, shall be submitted in due time (no later than at midnight, Nov. 30th ‘09).
  • The proposal shall follow all applied rules regarding format of the proposal (max nr. of page, font type & size, etc.).
  • The proposal shall follow all applied rules regarding the budget (max requested funds, # of years requested, etc).
  • The proposal shall clearly addresses problems and questions of importance for development of the geothermal sector.

All participants of GEORG are eligible to apply. GEORG encourages proposals for cooperative projects involving GEORG and other organizations, provided support is requested only for the GEORG member portion of the collaborative effort.

For further information please contact:

Hjalti Páll Ingólfsson,
Operational Manager
GSM: +354 618 3541