Properties of two phase flow of water and steam in geothermal reservoirs

 Project ID: 09-01-011
 Project Coordination:  Reykjavik Univeristy
 Name of Coordinator:  Guðrún Sævarsdóttir
 Other Partners: University of Iceland
 Duration: 3 years
 Total Project cost:  44.710.000 ISK
 GEORG Funding:   4.600.000 ISK
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Project Abstract

Project studied two phase flow in geothermal reservoirs, both theoretically using mathematical models and by conducting experiments on such flow situations. The theoretical part involves development of new and improved relations that account for the complex interaction between phases in porous flow. Traditional relation for such flow is the Darcy equation, which relates superficial flow velocity to pressure gradient, through fluid permeability and viscosity. However, phase interaction must be taken into account in the two phase case where effects such as weight difference, friction and surface tension must be included in the known relation. Relations regarding convective and diffusive energy transport will also be coupled to the flow model to include effects of phase changes, especially when the fluid flows in a vertical direction in gravity. The results will be an improved set of relations that describe energy transport in geothermal reservoirs. The equations will be implemented in a simulation tool in order to be able to perform investigations on case studies and comparisons with measurements.