Mapping interaction between magmatic and hydrothermal system with fluid inclusion analysis

 Project ID:  10-03-013
 Project Coordination:  ISOR
 Name of Coordinator:                     Anette K. Mortensen
 Other Partners: Landsvirkjun
  USGS, Denver, USA
  Ormat Technologies, Reno, NV, USA
  University of Iceland
 Duration: 2 years
 Total Project cost:  19.934.000 ISK
 GEORG Funding: 10.309.000 ISK
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  Project Plan:  -download pdf -  


Project Abstract 

Project investigate chemical changes and rock alteration in vicinity to magma near the roots of active geothermal systems with the aim of improving the understanding of the interaction between the magmatic and hydrothermal system. The project is taking outset in two active geothermal systems; Krafla and Þeistareykir, in N-Iceland. The objective is to compare through analyses of hydrothermal alteration and chemical analysis of fluid inclusions (major, trace, gasses and isotopes) of cuttings from wells that have reached parts of a geothermal reservoir impacted by magmatic gasses. It constrains the chemical processes and model the magmatic fluxes at the transition zone between the magmatic and hydrothermal system.


Project finished 2013