International Activity

Participation in the 7th Framework Program Committee for Energy

Hjalti Páll Ingólfsson, Operational Manager of GEORG has been participating as one of three experts in the Icelandic delegation of the 7th Framework Program
Committee for Energy since October 2009.  He has attended five meetings in Brussels, since April 2010.  Participating in the FP7 Program Committee for Energy, gives GEORG a great advantage to explore and facilitated the opportunities for geothermal energy within the EU Framework Program as well as a change to promote geothermal as an important energy source within the renewable energy portfolio. 

ERA NET in Geothermal Energy

Iceland took the initiative of proposing the Geothermal ERA NET in the EU call "FP7-ERANET-2011-RTD".  The ERA NET is lead by Orkustofnun and GEORG participates by coordinating the proposal writing and negotiation with the EU.  Rannís is also participating in the ERA NET on behalf of Iceland and other countries are Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey and Slovakia.  

In the call text it says "The objective of the ERA-NET scheme is to step up the cooperation and coordination of research programmes in the field of geothermal energy at national level in the Member or Associated States through the networking of research and other geological programmes. This is aimed at the development and implementation of joint programming and opening of joint calls. Objectives will be to create an EU geothermal database for geothermal resource assessments and co-ordination of national activities and databases in geology, geochemistry and geophysics".

Participating in this ERA NET gives a golden opportunity to deepen the cooperation of national program owners and administrators and thus be an enabler for the integration of national research and development agendas into a coherent European geothermal R&D program.

The duration of the ERA NET is 4 years and the support for the EU amounts to 2M€.  ERA NET is a coordination action and is 100% financed by the EU Commission.

The ERA NET is divided into 7 work packages as shown above, Iceland (Orkustofnun) is the coordinator and WP leadership is divided between countries as indicated in the figure.


EUROPEAN ENERGY RESEARCH ALLIANCE - Joint Programme on Geothermal energy aims at providing an outstanding contribution bringing together the 14 eleading European geothermal research institutions in a single strategically oriented Joint R&D Programme.  The EERA JPGE participants are BRGM, CEGL, CNR, CNRS, CRES, ETH-Zürich, KIT, GFZ, ISES-VUA, ISOR, LIAG and TNO, the underlined participants are GEORG partners.

The goal of the JPGE is to contribute to the achievement of the SET Plan objectives, streamlining and coordinating national R&D programmes, accelerating the targeted development and maturing of next generation geothermal technology in order to provide industry with all the elements required for its large-scale and cost-effective deployment.

The JPGE will be developed over 10 years and divided into 5 sub-programme:

SP 1. Resource Assessment
SP 2. Accessing and Engineering of the Reservoir
SP 3. Process Engineering and Design of power systems
SP 4. Operation and Management of Geothermal Systems
SP 5. Sustainability, Environment and Regulatory Framework

The EERA JPGE activities are closely linked to GEORG as four of its participants are also GEORG partners and formal connections will be made between the  ERA JPGE and the Geothermal ERA NET.