The Icelandic participation in the EU supported project Geothermal Engineering Integrating Mitigation of Induced Seismicity in Reservoir (GEISER)


 Project ID:  09-01-005
 Project Coordination:  ISOR, Iceland GeoSurvey
 Name of Coordinator:                     Kristján Ágústsson
 Other Partners: The consortium of GEISER
 Duration: 3 years
 Total Project cost:  56.600.000 ISK
 GEORG Funding: 13.400.000 ISK
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Project Abstract

The GEISER project works specifically on developing a better understanding of the key parameters that control induced seismicity in response to an injection. The GEISER research team analyses series of past stimulation experiments from projects such as Soultz-sous-Forêts (France), Basel (Switzerland), Berlín (El Salvador), Gross Schönebeck (Germany) and several Icelandic fields.

For the first time, ground motion prediction equations have been derived specifically for geothermal sites and comprehensive framework for the assessment of seismic hazard and risk was developed. GEISER also provides guidelines for safe and reliable EGS operation. Key is a dynamic-forewarning-advanced traffic light system that can be used in all phases of a project.

A strategy is proposed to enhance public support for EGS projects. Special attention has to be paid to risk perception. Nuisance and trivial damage should be addressed with care and considered as a significant projects risk.


Project finished in 2012