The Hengill geothermal reservoir. Evaluation of subsurface geological data

 Project ID:  09-02-005
 Project Coordination:  ÍSOR, Iceland GeoSurvey
 Name of Coordinator:  Hjalti Franzson
 Other Partners Reykjavik University
  University of Iceland
 Duration: 1 year
 Total Project cost:  37.850.000 ISK
 GEORG Funding:   4.500.000 ISK
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 Project Abstract

The project aims at defining the character of the Hengill geothermal system with special emphasis on integrating the various geological and geophysical borehole data. This includes a 3D model of geological and hydrothermal alteration structures, geochemistry of surface rocks and thermal fluids, volcanology, seismicity, extensive TEM and MT resistivity soundings and gravity surveys. The work is mainly done as part of MSc studies of seven students each of whom will in addition focus on specialized subjects, which will add further to the characterization of the geothermal system. Project established a much better view on the diverse character of the geothermal system at Hellisheiði, and give a guideline to new methodology in the geothermal studies. The results will be published in peer-reviewed journals.  

Project finished 2010


GEORG WP - Relevance Description

WP-2. Six BSc students will receive a MSc in the field of geothermal sciences by the end of proposed project.

WP-3. Project promotes basic research and helps to realize concepts from basic research.

WP-4. Results will have significant implications for research and technological development of geothermal systems.

WP-6. Results of project will have implications for long-term utilization of geothermal resources.

WP-8. Results will be published in main-stream journals and introduced at domestic and international conferences.