H2S Sequestration Into Geothermal Systems


Project ID:  11-04-003
Project Coordination:  HÍ
Name of Coordinator:  Andri Stefánsson
Other Partners: Reykjavik Energy
Duration: 3 years
Total Project cost:  27.250.000 ISK
GEORG Funding:  9.680.000 ISK
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Project Abstract

H2S is commonly emitted into the atmosphere from geothermal power plants, causing potential environmental problems. Possibile H2S disposal method is injection back into the geothermal systems whereas H2S may mineralise forming sulphides. The project “H2S sequestration into geothermal systems” aims at defining the geochemistry of geothermal H2S sequestration and its geochemical feasibility. Emphasis will be made on studying the rate of H2S mineralization, possible oxidation to sulphuric acid and together with geochemical modelling assess the optimal conditions of H2S disposal. The project is a joint effort between scientists that have contributed to this subject in years passed.


Project finished in 2015