Green Geothermal Growth

Use of geothermal heat for warm water ecoculture 

 Project ID:  10-03-004
 Project Coordination:  University of Iceland
 Name of Coordinator:                     Sjöfn Sigurgísladóttir
 Other Partners:

 Íslensk Matorka

 Duration: 2 years
 Total Project cost:  24.430.000 ISK
 GEORG Funding:   9.000.000 ISK
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  Project Abstract 

The aim of the project is to implement sustainable warm water aquaculture in Iceland utilizing local resources, building an ecological food park based on integrated systems with polyculture, aquaponics, tailored feed from local raw materials and added value food production with focus on healthy and safe food for export. Natural green production circles optimize the utilization of energy, water, organic waste material, land and other local resources. This will provide conditions favorable for the sustainable growth of Icelandic food production with focus on utilization of geothermal heat, ensuring both adequate supplies of seafood and vegetables and protection of the environment.

Project finished in 2013 


  GEORG WP – Relevance Description

The proposal fits very well to tasks 5.2 and 6.3 and moreover to other WPs regarding education, dissemination of results, local production, innovation and start-ups. The objective is to utilize geothermal water and waste heat from geothermal power plants to establish a whole new industry in warm-water aquaculture producing new competitive species for mass production and export.
The species live at optimum temperatures of 28-30°C and can be cultured in polyculture systems which can further be integrated into sustainable healthy ecosystems including aquaponics, algae, fungi and single cell production.