• GEORG-First call Results.

    GEORG - Board of Directors has decided on which projects to support from the first call of proposals, application date June 2. 2009.

    In total 33 proposals were sent in and 10 proposals are offered to negotiate for funding or 30% (by number). A large majority of the proposals were for three years or 21 proposal, 8 proposals were for two years and 4 proposals for one year. This uneven distribution of proposals, by years, made it impossible to achieve the goal of allocating the available funding evenly between one, two and three year projects. Therefore it was decided to make the scoring of the Review Committee a top priority in the selection process. As a result from that the board selected 7 three year proposals (30% by number of proposals), 1 two year proposal (12,5% by number) and 2 one year proposals (50% by number).

    26. Nov - 08:57