GeoChem Project

 Project ID:  10-03-005
 Project Coordination:  University of Iceland
 Name of Coordinator:                     Bernhard Pálsson
 Other Partners: Controlant, Matis
 Duration: 3 years
 Total Project cost:  80.900.000 ISK
 GEORG Funding:  15.300.000 ISK
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  Annual Report Y1 & Y2:   - Download pdf 
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  Project Abstract 

The overall goal of this project is to design and build a photobioreactor-based algae factory that utilizes geothermal energy in an efficient manner to fix CO2 into valuable chemicals that are produced from algae. We propose a new photobioreactor (PBR) design that combines light-emitting diode (LED) mechnology and algal biotechnology to produce algae from electrical energy and CO2 emitted from geothermal wells in Iceland. Many of the fundamental design parameters of such a factory have already been determined through experimentation with a fully functional prototype operated at the Center for Systems Biology at the University of Iceland.

Project finished 2014

WP relevance

The proposal fits the objectives outlined in WP3, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, by utilizing geothermal energy sources to produce algal biomass and bring derived products to the market. The main task of this proposal fits with Task 5.2 by using excess geothermal heat from power production, which is currently not fully used, to dry biomass. The algal biomass can produce valuable chemicals from geothermal CO2 such as for the food industry or in aquaculture. The project also relates to Task 7.4, Macroeconomic effects, since the objective of this project is to start an innovative company in Iceland.