Efficient Maintenance Management of Geothermal Power Plants

Project ID:  11-04-005
Project Coordination:  HÍ
Name of Coordinator:  Rúnar Unnþórsson
Other Partners: Reykjavik Energy
 HS Orka
 Innovation Centre Iceland
Duration: 3 years
Total Project cost:  37.800.000 ISK
GEORG Funding: 17.875.000 ISK
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Project Abstract

Preventive-Maintenance(PM), Condition-Based Maintenance(CBM) and Corrective Maintenance(CM) methods are commonly applied in geothermal power plants(GPP)and each has its strengths and weaknesses when applied to different maintenance scenarios.   In order to achieve an optimum and cost effective maintenance strategy the proper program for the scenario must be selected from the different maintenance methods.

In this project the maintenance required and carried out for all steam and fluid equipment in GPPs - from borehole to injection well - will be documented and formalized.  Real performance data analysis will be used to compare currently used methods and to generate more efficient maintenance management.

Project finished in 2015