CarbFix project


 Project ID:  09-02-001
 Project Coordination:  University of Iceland
 Name of Coordinator:                     Sigurður Reynir Gíslason
 Other Partners: Reykjavík Energy
 Duration: 3 years
 Total Project cost:  74.535.000 ISK
 GEORG Funding: 19.500.000 ISK
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  Project Abstract 

The overall objective of the CarbFix project is to develop an industrial solution for mineral sequestration of COin basalt, and to train young scientist to carry this knowledge into the future. The project consist of field injection of CO2 charged water at the Hellisheiði power plant SW Iceland, laboratory experiments, computer modelling of fluid flow and gas-water-rock interactions, tracer tests, natural analogue- and cost analysis.   CarbFix project members seek funds from GEORG to co-finance three parts of the project:  COcharged seawater-basalt experiments to find out whether seawater can be used for mineral sequestration of CO2 from geothermal activities, the monitoring and analysis of gases and fluids in the bedrock, and modelling of the injected CO2.

The innovative character of the project is its principal aim to show that carbon mineralization with water and seawater is a serious option to sequester and dispose CO2 in the right terrain. The national and global implications of such endeavour are huge (e.g., reduction of greenhouse gases) and would include the promotion of geothermal activities as sustainable energy production and economic benefits through avoidance of CO2 emission taxes 

Project finished in 2013